"With our computers, internet connectivity and projectors we can bring the actual world – its images and sounds – into the classroom."

    Striving for excellence

At ABILITY English, we are passionate about teaching our students to really grasp the essence of the English language. We encourage students to listen to and speak as much of the language as possible, convinced that practice is the only way to bring lasting improvement. We provide a safe and supportive environment for students to practise their skills, helping them to understand and correct their own mistakes as they grow in confidence. We place great emphasis on pronunciation, helping students to improve their fluency and to communicate well with their peers as well as teaching staff and prospective employers.

    Exceptional teaching standards

The teaching staff at ABILITY English are experts when it comes to teaching important English language skills in new and effective ways. Many have received awards and been invited to give presentations at key English language teaching events and conferences. We employ educators with:

  • High-level qualifications
  • Exceptional pronunciation skills
  • Experience of teaching multiple nationalities in different locations
  • Published academic papers about learning the English language
  • Experience of presenting at industry conferences

Twice a year we run a Teacher Professional Development program to give our teachers special training in a range of English language teaching areas so that our students receive the very best theoretical and practical knowledge in their lessons. By investing in our teachers, we are directly investing in our students.

    Preparing students for employment

At ABILITY English, we recognise that different students have different goals, and that students learn in various ways. Our expert teachers prepare course participants for tests and further study as well as future employment, giving them all the practice they need to achieve their goals. As international communication is now more important than ever before, our specialised intercultural communication training prepares students to speak to people from different cultures and to adapt their methods of communication, allowing them to make new friends and to succeed in their dream jobs and vocations.