Courses now available at ABILITY English

"I have been at ABILITY for three months and I really enjoy ABILITY’s teaching methods and my teachers’ passion for teaching. My English language speaking and listening have improved." – Karina, a student from Brazil

Core study includes the following courses:

General English & General English Plus

Survivor English

Pronunciation & Fluency

IELTS Test Preparation

Cambridge Test Preparation

English for Academic Purposes

    Flexible study options

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to language learning. This is why we offer four study programmes at ABILITY English:

  • All Day English, which offers 20 hours of core study per week from Monday to Thursday with three hours of optional study on Friday mornings (all visa types)
  • Evening English, as above, but with classes taking place in the evenings from Monday to Friday as well as optional classes on Friday mornings (all visa types)
  • Morning English, which provides 14 hours of core study per week in the mornings from Monday to Thursday, giving students plenty of free time to work or sightsee (student visa holders cannot do Morning English as their main form of study)
  • Afternoon English, 6 hours per day Monday to Thursday afternoons, good for extra speaking practice while studying at university (student visa holders cannot do Afternoon English as their main form of study)

Each course helps students meet their personal goals and solve their English language problems as quickly as possible. As their goals change, students can easily move between courses, providing they meet the relevant language proficiency levels.

    Exciting optional classes

Every Friday morning we offer an exciting program of optional classes. These classes aim to strengthen students’ weak areas and expand their English skills. Students can choose their own personal timetable of optional classes on Fridays, and all optional classes are structured and delivered by an experienced teacher. These classes are not mandatory, but they give conscientious students the chance to strengthen their listening and speaking skills, allowing them to meet their goals more efficiently and effectively.

    Regular practice tests

On Friday mornings we run full practice exams for IELTS, FCE and CAE Cambridge exams. These practice exam classes include personalised feedback from experienced teachers. Students who opt to take practice exams regularly find that they greatly increase their exam knowledge and skills, improving rapidly in response to constructive feedback. These classes are optional but highly recommended for those who wish to fast-track their language learning experience and ready themselves for their next step in life.

CRICOS Code: English Language Programs 076947J