Student Experience at ABILITY English

"Here at ABILITY, everything is fresh. We have very clean kitchens, new sofas and other furniture, and we have a nice ping pong table. Actually, I’m a very, very good table tennis player, because after school every day I practise ping pong with my international friends. It’s very good. I love it." – Daichi, a student from Japan

    Excellent onsite amenities

ABILITY English has fully renovated its student facilities to give students more space and redecorated the classrooms, adding new state-of-the-art equipment. We have also introduced new common rooms and well-equipped kitchens so that students have the facilities they need between classes. Free tea, coffee and Wi-Fi is available while students relax, spend time together, read and study. Other facilities include a ping-pong table, a large screen projector for special movie nights, a recovery/sick room and a prayer room. Our students feel so comfortable on campus that they are sad to leave when their courses come to an end.

    Various accommodation options

ABILITY English students have two main accommodation options: homestay and independent accommodation.

  • Homestay gives students the opportunity to live with a local English-speaking family and is particularly popular with younger students. As well as learning about Australian culture first hand, they are able to practise their English extensively outside the classroom. The majority of meals are provided and all homestay accommodation options are less than 50 minutes from campus by public transport.
  • Independent accommodation provides a range of housing options at various price points. These include student housing, which is designed specifically for students with internet access, a desk and a study area; backpacker accommodation for seasoned travellers, which can be very cost-effective and sociable; and lodges/guest houses, which provide a room within a large house with access to cooking facilities and living space.

    Student life in Sydney and Melbourne

Both Sydney and Melbourne are excellent cities for international students. With great transport links and vibrant city centres, students can move from campus and their accommodation to some of the world’s most famous attractions, including the Sydney Opera House and the Great Ocean Road, with ease. Filled with excellent restaurants, bars and parks, both cities are multicultural and welcoming to overseas students from all walks of life. Offering plenty of outdoor activities and festivals as well as indoor attractions such as museums and galleries, students from both campuses will be spoilt for choice. ABILITY English students have plenty of free time to explore their local cities as well as finding part-time work if their visas permit.